Thanks for Celebrating with us and What’s next!

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us on the 5th of May!  The Green Tongues Collective was founded in September 2011 with the beginnings of the People’s Apothecary and it has been a challenging and rewarding journey up to this point.  We’ve learned so much through working with people from very different backgrounds and experience and it has been exciting to learn about planting, organizing, discussing and healing together (though these words really only touch on the overlapping ways we have come together).

It was wonderful to meet you all and to share our experiences of the garden with each other.  We hope you enjoyed the tour of the garden as well as the Dandelion tincture workshop and the participatory installation in the gallery!

The book that the Green Tongues Collective put together is available at the Vancouver Island School of Art as well as at Camas books for a donation of 7-15 dollars sliding scale.  This covers the cost of printing and any contributions over the printing costs go directly back to the maintenance of the People’s Apothecary.

And of course, this really is only a beginning!  The seeds and baby plants are in the earth and we are heading into a summer of nourishing the herbal commons in anticipation of harvesting in the fall.  We are looking forward to continue working with you all and figuring out how together we can ensure that the People’s Apothecary is a meaningful and usable resource for the neighbourhood.


We hope to see you this Sunday form 1-4 at the People’s Apothecary!  We’ll be working on figuring out our irrigation system, planting more herbs, edging the garden by the raspberries, watering, weeding, and painting more signs.  We’d love your help and your company.


❤ The Green Tongues



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