April Showers bring….

Hey!  What showers?

Gotta love Victoria, we’ve had tons of sunshine and have been able to spend lots of time in the garden.  If you haven’t been around in a while you’ll notice that there are a lot of new plants in the earth and that we’ve started to create signs to help folks become acquainted with what we’re growing.

We just wanted to share a couple of updates as well as talk about one of the herbs in our garden that we’re feeling pretty excited about.



Sunday April 15th the Green Tongues Collective will be heading to the Rally and Teach In  to Stop the Enbridge Pipeline.  Rally is going down at 11:30 at the Victoria Legislature and the Teach In starts at 1:30 at Centennial Square.

So… we won’t be in the garden that day.  You are totally welcome to enjoy it anytime you like however, but we’d also love to see you at the rally!



We are looking for folks who have skills with simple irrigation or plumbing.  Essentially we need to figure out a better way to water the plants than lugging around buckets of water.  We also have a broken tap on the outside of the school that could use some fixin’.  If you, or someone you knows has some skillz in this regard send us a line!


Now for the exciting part!  We’d like to introduce a herb who we keep hearing about, which we now have at the Apothecary:



During the middle ages the plant Valerian was known as All Heal for it’s wide spread use throughout Europe.   Serbian folk songs tell of women always caring the herb within their waist band.


Today the herb is used primarily as a nervine for it calms the nerves and when the root is ground and taken in capsules, it relaxes the body and allows for sleep.  While Valerian works in similar way as prescription sleep-aids, it has been found to not be habit-forming and it will not leave you groggy in the morning.  Valerian acts as a mild sedative and antispasmodic.  It can also be used in tincture form for stress, insomnia, nervous tension, hysteria, excitability, and sometimes intestinal colic and/or cramps.  It can also be used externally for nervous eye-trouble, weakness of the eyes or eye-strain.

It is important to note however that some folks have found Valerian to have the opposite affect leaving them restless or nervous.

Cultivating and Harvesting:

Many of the young plants do not flower in the first year, but produce a luxuriant crop of leaves, and yield rhizome of good quality in the autumn.

In September or early October, all the tops are cut off with a scythe and the rhizomes are harvested.


Do you know more about Valerian?  Please share your knowledge!


For more info. check out:

A Modern Herbal

Holistic Herbal

The Master Book of Herbalism–Paul Beyrel







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